In this era of global commerce and societal complexity, capable experienced leadership with wisdom and vision is necessary to blaze the path toward a prosperous and satisfying future while staying true to the independent values and local village spirit that are part of our state’s great heritage. Public service has been a part of my life from my childhood and I am proud to apply my experience to serving you, the People of District 35 and all Rhode Islanders.

I will be a tireless advocate for public policies that build upon our natural geographic and cultural resources to integrate us into the growing complex global economy while protecting our natural environment and our valued Rhode Island ways and sense of place. I will work for sound public policies, emphasizing four foci:

  • Education to foster a strong K-to-Grad public educational system that acts as a ladder rather than a filter in offering access and greater opportunities for all Rhode Islanders. Excellence in education a public good not only for a first class economy but for first class society as well. (more)
  • Economy to catalyze an economy that is leading-edge, diversified and nimble in competitive global markets while capitalizing upon our unique geographic, cultural, and educational resources. (more)
  • Environment and Natural Resources to preserve and manage our natural environment so that Rhode Island remains forever not only a great place to live, but a truly world-class place to visit. (more)
  • Citizen Engagement & Responsive Government to build a governmental system that is frugal, cost-effective and welcoming of citizen engagement and volunteerism. (more)